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Humana Health Insurance in Georgia

Humana group health insurance in Georgia offers competitive employee benefits for small group employers. Humana's Level Funded Premium plans provide affordable coverage for companies with 5 or more insured employees.

MyHumana App

Download the MyHumana App to take your healthcare benefits with you wherever you go.

  • Sign in to the MyHumana app using your MyHumana member name and password.
  • From the Home screen you can access great features like your Humana ID card, claims information and provider finder.
  • View important information you need about your plan details, including deductibles and balances.
  • Quickly find providers or urgent care centers.
  • See your latest claims, their status, summary and detailed information.
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Humana Find a Doctor

Humana Physician Network

  • Provider Type: Insurance through your employer
  • Network: Options for Georgia include - National POS - OpenAccess, HMO Premier or Atlanta HMOx.
  • Search: Select Name, Specialty or Condition.

Humana Small Group Medical Products

Humana medical plans include affordable Canopy health plans, consumer directed HSA qualified high deductible health plans, $0 deductible Simplicity plans and traditional copay plans.

  • Fully insured and self funded health plan options.
  • Humana offers their popular NPOS-OA network with access to doctors across the country.
  • Humana Go365 Wellness incentive programs - earn rewards and premium discounts.
  • Humana Copay Medical Plans

    Humana Copay plans offer security of coverage and financial protection. If your more comfortable with having copayments for services that are most frequently used then Humana's Copay plans are a good fit.

  • Lower deductible and out of pocket limits available.
  • Copays for office visits, urgent care, emergency room and pharmacy without having to meet a deductible.
  • Best suited for individuals who want the security and simplicity of just having to pay a copay for most services.
  • Humana Canopy Medical Plans

    Don't pay for insurance you don't use. This simple plan helps maintain good health, but also provides protection when major expenses are incurred.

  • higher deductible amounts.
  • Copays for basic services like office visits, telemedicine and pharmacy.
  • Best suited for healthy individuals, with minimal healthcare needs, who want a simple plan to keep their good health.
  • Humana Simplicity Medical Plans

    With Simplicity, you'll know exactly what you will pay before getting care and there's no in network deductible. It's that simple! For people who want to better manage their expenses, this is for them.

  • No in network deductible.
  • Straightforward simple copays for services.
  • Preventive care covered at 100% with in-network providers.
  • Humana High Deductible HSA Plans

    High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) that are Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified. Pay for your out of pocket medical expenses with tax free money from your HSA. With a HDHP all covered expenses are first subject to your deductible (Excluding in-network preventive care). After the deductible you pay a percentage of the cost until you meet you maximum out of pocket.

  • Lower health insurance premiums.
  • Lower your taxable income by funding a Health Savings Account.
  • Pay for your out of pocket medical expenses with tax free money from your HSA.
  • Humana Level Funded Premium Plans

    Level Funded Premium (LFP) plans are the affordable, self-funding solution designed for small businesses. LFP offers the predictable costs of a fully insured plan with the savings provided with a self-funded plan. The premiums with LFP plans are typically less than fully insured plans since the rates are subject to medical underwriting

    Features and Benefits of a Humana LFP Plan (5 or more employees):

  • Lower Health Insurance Premiums. LFP plans are medically underwritten - so rates reflect your employees health and can be discounted if your group is healthy.
  • Money Back. Get 100% refund if your actual claims paid are less than the expected claims for your group (your claims surplus) when you renew your Humana LFP plan.
  • Stop-Loss Protection Specific stop-loss offers protection from individuals' claims cost that exceed $20,000. Aggregate stop-loss offers protection from total claims exceeding 120% of expected claims for the year.
  • Multiple plan options. Choose up to three plans to offer your employees - including the popular Simplicity, Canopy and High Deductible Health Plans.
  • Humana Go365 Wellness Incentive Program Included. Receive up to 15% premium credit for employee engagement in the Go365 wellness program. Employees get personalized activities, claims reviewed for gaps in care and health risks, confidential MyHealth note sent to employees offering suggestions to improve health.
  • Humana Go365 Wellness Program

    Receive Wellness Engagement Incentive credits on your monthly medical premium invoice when your employees achieve Silver status or greater in Go365.

    How do I get wellness Engagement Incentive credits?

  • It's already part of your plan.
  • Encourage participation in Go365.
  • Credits are based on Go365 Silver, Gold or Platinum status and appear on your monthly medical premium invoice.
  • Humana Telemedicine - See a Doctor with a Virtual Visit

    Telehealth, also referred to as virtual visits makes it easy to access care from a board-certified doctor, via a secure video or phone appointment from your home or on the go. Doctors may even be able to prescribe medicine.

    Humana Lifestyle Discount

    Immediate savings for members looking for alternative treatments such as acupuncture or massage therapy, weight loss, lasik and teeth whitening.

    Humana Beginnings

    A healthy pregnancy for a healthy baby. Humana Beginnings offers an experienced maternity nurse just for you to help you through your those critical months as your baby develops.