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Aetna Health Insurance Plans in Georgia

Aetna Health Insurance Company in Georgia offers a very competitive portfolio of small group self-funded health plans. Aetna markets their self funded group health plans as "Aetna Funding Advantage plans".

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Simplify your healthcare - right from your phone. You can manage your benefits, pay claims, get cost estimates and more. Including turn by turn directions to local doctors and facilities!

You have two ways to download the app:

  • Text "Apps" to 23862 (data and messaging rates may apply).
  • Download from the App Store or Google Play store.
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  • Member or Guest: Member's register online, guests select "Search by Selecting a Plan or Network"
  • Select a plan: Under Aetna Healthfund Plans select "Aetna Choice POS II", or "Open Access Aetna Select"

Aetna Funding Advantage Plans

Tired of rising healthcare costs? It's time to consider the advantages of a self-funded health plan. Self-funded plans are based on the health trends of your employees, and when healthcare costs are lower than expected you get back a percentage of your premiums.

  • Save up to 25% on your monthly health insurance premiums.
  • Receive a return of premium paid when your actual claims are less than your expected claims with the surplus sharing benefit.
  • Save on taxes and fees.
  • Traditional Funding

    Subject to state mandates
    No money back
    Financial protection
    Community rated



    Generally not subject to mandates
    Opportunity to get money back
    Financial protection
    Monthly costs reflect expected claims

    Aetna Funding Advantage Plan Benefits

    In Georgia Aetna offers multiple benefit design options to small businesses looking for affordable group health insurance.

    Aetna Choice POS II Plans

    The Aetna Choice POS plans include the following benefit highlights:

  • Primary Care and Specialist office visit copayments.
  • Emergency Room and Urgent Care copayments.
  • Prescription copayments for all drug tiers.
  • Aetna Choice POS II Integrated Rx Plans

    The Aetna Choice POS Integrated Rx plans include the following benefit highlights:

  • Primary Care office visit copayment, Specialist visit subject to deductible.
  • Urgent Care copayment, ER subject to deductible.
  • Prescription copayment for generics, brand name drugs subject to deductible.
  • Aetna HSA High Deductible Health Plans

    The Aetna HSA HDHP's include the following benefit highlights:

  • Open and fund a tax free Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your out of pocket medical expenses.
  • Annual routine physical exams covered at 100% with no deductible.
  • Lower maximum out of pocket options available.
  • Aetna Essential Health Plans

    The Aetna Essential health plans include the following benefit highlights:

  • Primary Care and Specialist office visit copayments.
  • Lower copayments for Primary Care, urgent care and generic prescriptions.
  • Access to the Aetna Select network.
  • Out of network benefits limited to emergency care only.
  • Aetna Dental Insurance

    The Aetna Dental plans for small groups include the following benefit highlights:

  • Employer sponsored and voluntary plan options.
  • Choice of DMO or PPO dental plans.
  • PPO out of network reimbursement options up to 90% of usual and customary charges.
  • Aetna Health and Well Being

    Encourage wellness with a variety of health topics to share with your employees.